Meribel FAQs
Here are some of the questions that we are frequently asked by clients, click here for traduction Française:
What do I need to consider before booking?
Can I book my flights before my accommodation?
  • We always recommend that people book their accommodation first, as often people book cheaper flights mid-week only to then realise that properties not operating on a Saturday-Saturday or Sunday-Sunday basis are hard to come by. 
Why does the ski industry operate on a Saturday-Saturday basis?
  • As most people enjoy skiing for a whole week to ensure they get the most out of their holiday, the vast majority of the ski industry operates on a Saturday to Saturday basis. Some of our properties will also operate on a Sunday to Sunday basis in order to ease the traffic coming in and out of resort on changeover days. 
What is available at half-term, New Years, Christmas?
  • Availability for these weeks books up quicker and quicker each year, and so we recommend booking early to ensure you find the right property for you.
  • Availability at Christmas
  • Availability at New Years
  • Availability at Half-Term 
What do I need to book once I’ve booked my accommodation?
  • Once you have booked your accommodation, it is time to book the rest of your holiday from flights to ski lessons. Check out our pages on How to get to Meribel to sort out your transport, and then our pages on holiday extra to sort out the rest. 
What are the cheapest transfer options?
  • Check out our page How to get to Meribel to compare the different discounts we have on transfer companies, and figure out the cheapest options. 
  • Often the cheapest option is to book a shared transfer if you are in a small group, or use Ben’s Bus. However, if you have a larger group then it might be cheaper to hire a private transfer and split the cost amongst you all. 
When do I need to book my ski holiday?
  • The short answer - as soon as possible. In low season you may be able to get a good last minute booking deal, but to ensure everything is sorted and to ensure you get the right property for you, book as early as possible. 
  • Check out our blog, the top five advantages of booking your ski holiday early
When can I book my ski passes?
  • To book them through us, you will be able to buy them from November. 
  • Check back on our website to find out more. 
What time of the year should I come skiing?
Where should I stay? 
How do I know the accommodation is legit and not a scam?
  • We created a handy blog 'How to avoid a ski chalet scam' with steps to ensure you don’t book a deal too good to be true. 
  • If you want to check one of our properties is not a scam, please check out trustpilot reviews, our facebook and instagram
  • Call us to discuss any concerns you have! 
What do I need to pack for a skiing holiday?
  • We created this handy guide to make sure you don’t miss anything important when packing for your holiday!
Whats on in Meribel/Courchevel/Val Thorens?
Where to eat Meribel?
  • Click here for our full guide on all the best restaurants in Meribel
  • Click here for our blog on the best lunch spots across the Three Valleys. 
How close is Meribel to Val Thorens/Courchevel?
  • You can get to Courchevel from Meribel on the Saulire lift in ten minutes. You can get from Meribel to Val Thorens in three lifts, taking about half an hour. 
  • There are no transportation links between the valleys to get there without skiing unfortunately, as they are much further apart by road. However, if you have a car you can drive to Courchevel in approximately half an hour.
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